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Drop Fleet Fuel Costs: AVL Saves Money on Fuel Across your Fleet

Fleet management using CompassCom AVL can help create significant fuel savings through efficiencies across all your vehicles and field workers. CompassCom has been helping our customers save money on fuel and prove ROI since 1994.



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CompassCom and Cityworks Manage the Mobile 
Work Force in the Cloud

Salt Lake City, Utah, May 23, 2013 – Onstage during the Plenary of the Cityworks Users Conference, Azteca Systems Inc demonstrated CompassCom’s Mobile Resource Management System.  Public Works crews from the City of Loveland, Colorado were shown real-time in a Cloud solution leveraging Cityworks, CompassWorks and esri ArcGIS Online data to provide a GIS-Centric solution for the management of the City’s mobile work force. Read the Full Story Here!




Cut weed-control costs by up to 80%!Control noxious weeds the smart, cost-efficient way by adding Weedseeker to your Public Works or Utility fleet. Add Weedseeker to your AVL solution.


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