Cityworks Business Partner

“CompassCom has been a strategic Cityworks business partner enabling the real-time location of the mobile workforce on the Cityworks platform. We are excited about leveraging this data for apps that match the workflow needs of our Cityworks clients.”

Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Cityworks

Being a Cityworks® business partner, we provide an API that allows users to develope code to ingest our data into Cityworks. CompassCom can be used through an app created specifically for the Cityworks Server AMS viewer. With CompassCom, you can track, manage, and lower costs on all your vehicles in the field.

Now you can use the single Esri-based display from Cityworks to:

  • Easily access integrated real-time mobile asset location and status
  • Have a common operational picture to manage workflow
    • Utilize your community’s Esri-based GIS data to make informed decisions
  • Reduce the number of applications that have to be installed
  • Manage your field workforce
  • Ensure the best possible service for your community’s citizens
  • Monitor real-time status along with fast historical data in reports
  • Pull up incident reports, track your costs, monitor your personal usage of the vehicles
    • All with CompassReports®

Know Quickly:

  • Fuel usage
  • How much time were vehicles idling (for both fuel and emissions monitoring)
  • Verify compliance with DERA and other federal air pollutant standards
  • What stops were made, when, for how long?
  • Ensure personnel efficiency and good route management
  • Materials usage such as chemicals used by street sweepers
  • Current locations of all municipal vehicles tied to the MRM platform
  • Where they are now; Where they have been; Where they are going
  • Safety of personnel – be aware of problems and send a response to the exact location, quickly
  • If a municipal asset leaves its “geofence” – either through mistake or theft – know immediately with an alarm

CompassCom and Cityworks Manage the Mobile Work Force in the Cloud.

Onstage during the Plenary of the Cityworks Users Conference, Azteca Systems Inc demonstrated CompassCom’s Mobile Resource Management System. Public Works crews from the City of Loveland, Colorado, were shown real-time in a Cloud solution leveraging Cityworks, CompassWorks, and Esri ArcGIS Online data to provide a GIS-Centric solution for the management of the City’s mobile workforce. Learn More.


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