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Why CompassCom GPS Tracking?

Top 10 Reasons To Use CompassCom GPS Tracking Platform

  • 1. Bring Your Own Device

    Design to enable systems to be configured with combinations of hardware in the field matched to workflow needs. Mobile radios, broadband modems, smartphones, tablets, laptops, sensors. mobile IoT.

  • 2. One system

    By using Motorola P25 ASTRO mobile radios for Public Safety and broadband cellular devices, in Public Works sector, provides vehicles to an interoperable solution for your smart city. One system is flexible to use the wireless networks best suited to your mission.

  • 3. Set Your Reporting Cadence To Meet Mission Requirements

    First Responders report at 10-sec intervals while service fleet may report every minute. User configurable.

  • 4. CompassCom Leverages Your Investment

    CompassCom leverages your investment in Esri’s ArcGIS platform using your organization’s GIS map and imagery data. Supplement your data with ArcGIS Online data, Google Street View and other commercials off the shelf products.

  • 5. Access CompassTrac Enterprise On-Premise

    Access CompassTrac Enterprise on-premise when IT security and control in house is a requirement. Access via a secure managed cloud service with CompassWorks to reduce upfront capital expense and resources needed from your IT department.

  • 6. Set data archive

    Set data archive from our system to match your records management policy.

  • 7. View mobile asset

    View mobile asset performance in real-time.

  • 8. Breadcrumb display

    Breadcrumb display of activity with full metadata for each report.

  • 9. On-the-fly reporting

    On-the-fly reporting for analytics by a single asset, groups of assets or the entire fleet

  • 10. Replay

    Replay of a single asset, groups of assets or the entire fleet for after action review and complaint management.

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