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  • Denver, Colorado CompassCom® GPS Tracking
    ANNOUNCING CompassRespond® V2.0 RELEASE
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    Integrated with Motorola® ASTRO P25 Network
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Knowledge Base & FAQ

What is AVL?

Automatic vehicle location is a means for automatically determining and transmitting the location of the vehicle. The data is collected by a vehicle tracking system to provide  real-time analytic information and viewing on a map display. Also referred to as vehicles on a map.

What is the difference between AVL and MRM?

Automatic vehicle location (AVL) and Mobile resource management (MRM) maybe used interchangeably to represent telematics systems and technologies. Knowing where your mobile resources are, where they have been, and where they should be to best manage the workload and improve response to customer demand is all a part of an MRM environment. Managing resources through time and space and incorporating real-time operational needs are the essential elements of MRM. MRM can be defined simply as the ability to track the progress of your mobile resources in real-time and assign the right job to the right resource with the right equipment in the right location at the right time.  MRM solutions provide functionality beyond the classic dots on maps or location information. An MRM solution allows an enterprise to best manage their field resources in time and space, adapt to real-time operational needs and provide real-time information of where their mobile resources are now, where have they been, where they should be and how are they doing against their assigned schedules. (Directions Magazine, 2005)

Does your system run in real time?

Yes, our system allows vehicles equipped with our devices can report as often as every 2 seconds. If wireless coverage is intermittently limiting constant reporting, many of the in-vehicle hardware devices store and forward data when connectivity is established. This may delay the real-time reporting but the data sent is time tagged at the time collected in the device.

Does CompassCom provide cellular service?

Yes, we can bundle the cellular service for your convenience.

Can I access past data?

Yes, the data belongs to you. You can access any of the data that has been collected at any time through the CompassReports module. Data retention can be tailored to meet your requirement for your data retention plan.

Does CompassLDE Server write data to the Esri Geodata base?

Yes, LDE2AGS extension to CompassLDE Server writes real-time device information to a ESRI file geodatabase.  ArcGIS Server is used to take the real-time device information in the geodatabase and create an ESRI REST service.  This is how CompassCom provides real-time device location information to third-party applications that accept ESRI REST services.

Can I plug something into my vehicles and display their location on our Esri maps?

Yes, for light-duty vehicles we offer a location and messaging device that plugs into the OBD, onboard diagnostics, port. It is quick and easy to install and cost-effective. It does use the cellular network and will need to have an active wireless data plan. This device is available for use with CompassWorks™ (our hosted solution), or CompassTrac™, (our on-premise solution). The device captures the vehicle diagnostics information. This will assist the fleet department with real-time diagnostics, maintenance and fault code alerts.

How do I pay?

We offer two different service models. You can host the system on premise at your location and pay for the hardware and services up front upon delivery as a onetime capital expense, or we can host the system for you which allows you to pay for software and services on an ongoing monthly basis per asset with little upfront cost.

How can I contact CompassCom?

If you are still experiencing issues with your connectivity, hardware or any other components of your Fleet Management program, call us at 800-787-0651 or email us at  

Can I receive an exclusive Demonstration?

Yes, CompassCom team will be happy to schedule an exclusive demonstration to you.

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