CompassRespond and CompassTAK Empower Tactical Missions

June 14, 2022


GIS-centric telematics solutions provide real-time information to enable mobile workers to collaborate ​when real-time situation awareness and safety are paramount. The CompassRespond System is designed as an “Off the Grid” solution where there is no LMR or Cellular Macro communications infrastructure is available. Boone County, NC and CompassCom will present our portable system loaded with Esri ArcGIS maps on a ruggedized laptop customized for your area of operation.  Motorola® APX handheld radios in simplex “Talk Around” mode or with a Motorola PDR8000 portable repeater provide enhanced conventional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) coverage for your mission and is the ideal last mile tracking solution for the “off-the-grid” tactical operations.

CompassTAK Connecter delivers real-time location and status of broadband and P25 mobile radio into the Team Awareness Kit (TAK) Server to enable interoperability with handheld tactical radios, cell phones and GPS enabled modems. Users can see location and status on CompassTrac at headquarters, mobile command centers and in the field on smartphones connected to TAK. CompassTAK enables interoperability between LMR, broadband and TAK smartphone

Workflow support for:

  • Tactical Operations
  • DoD Military Base Security​​
  • Search & Rescue Operations​​
  • Wildland Firefighting​​
  • Industrial Site Security​​
  • Disaster Response​​
  • Dignitary Security
  • Event Security​​
  • Hazmat Incident Response


  • ​Public Safety Communications Managers
  • Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement​​
  • Wildland Fire Management
  • FEMA
  • National Guard
  • DHS
  • DOD
  • Border Patrol

Session Format:
Hosted on an exciting and interactive virtual event platform

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