Telematics Solutions for Public Works, Department of Transportation (DOT), and Utilities

April 7, 2022


Telematics for department of transportation


GIS-centric telematics solutions provide real-time information to empower mobile workers to collaborate, respond as well as providing services with map data integrated to match varied department workflows.

Illinois DOT, Esri, CompassCom and others will present the latest developments in real-time GIS, mobile IoT, and Cloud based deployments for the mobile work force. Wireless connectivity strategies with Motorola LMR and broadband cellular networks ensures interoperability with multiple departments and coverage across areas of service.  Case studies will give examples of best practices for safety, efficiency, sustainability, and accountability, as organizations look to improve customer service and operational excellence.

Workflow case studies:

  • Winter maintenance
  • Sweeping
  • Solid waste
  • Utilities

 WHO SHOULD ATTEND:                          

  • ​Public Works, Utility and DOT Directors
  • Superintendents and Managers
  • Directors and Managers of Operations and Operations Personnel
  • Solid Waste Managers and Coordinators
  • Public Fleet Directors and Managers 
  • Public Facilities and Grounds Directors and Managers
  • Water and wastewater Services Directors and Managers
  • Streets/Roads/Bridges Directors and Managers
  • Parks and Grounds Managers
  • Transportation Directors and Managers
  • Stormwater and Flood Control Directors and Managers
  • Emergency Management Directors and Coordinators
  • Sustainability Specialists
  • Dispatchers
  • GIS technologists
  • Asset Management Specialist
  • Safety managers

Session Format

Hosted on an exciting and interactive virtual event platform, this event features a virtual auditorium, plus intuitive one-on-one private meetings by video.  Meet and network with speakers, attendees and sponsors in custom video lounges.

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