CompassLDE (Location Data Engine)

The core of the CompassCom MRM Platform


  • CompassLDE provides fully available API documentation that supports the ability to write out either Real-time or Historical locations and meta-data to any and all data ingestion platform
    • Full feature viewer, CompassCom, Motorola
    • Esri ArcGIS partners and capable of ingesting and writing to ESRI REST and SOAP formats
    • Connectors to well know Asset Management systems such as Cityworks, GIS for Public Works, and Pubworks
    • The connector that can be written to MSSQL, MYSQL, CVS, Oracle, POSTGRES databases so virtually any 3rdparty Application can intake our data
  • Ability to ingest ESRI REST and SOAP map and feature services as well as ingesting IP Socket location data
  • Capable of connecting to current and standard Database platforms (MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, POSTGRES, etc.) which provides easy and open access to the historical data to support the client’s desire to reuse the MRM data CompassLDE has retrieved for other applications such as retention plans, material review, task ticketing systems, CAD systems, etc.
  • Provides configurable Asset polling frequency from second to hours
  • Provides Onboard sensors to monitor asset status’ and states such as
    • Service Lights Running
    • Service Engine light ON
    • Seatbelt engaged
    • Shotgun cradle or handgun holster opened
  • System data can be retrieved through multiple Communication Protocols
    • Commercial wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.)
    • Two-way radios and RF-enabled handhelds, LMR, LTE (Motorola)
    • Satellite communications (Iridium)
    • Wi-Fi/Cellular automatic selection
  •  Provides Real-Time and historical of your mobile or fixed assets
  • Leverages two-way communication between the device and the system VIEWING application
  • Intakes data from any and all GPS enabled devices. (BYOD)
  • CompassCom offers the CompassLDE system core as an On-Premise or Software as a Service (SAS) hosted solution
    • “On-Premise” means you own the system and it is behind your firewall, in your private domain and is only accessible to your administrative team. CompassCom offers phone and remote access support but you are in control of your MRM system
    • CompassWorks® is our “SAS Hosted” solution and means provide to you a simple (yet very secure) access to your MRM information and we take care of the rest; providing all administrative responsibilities with a promise to keep your data available to you 24/7/365. (we also provide a hosted solution called lets us manage your assets so you don’t have to; saving man hours and upfront cost)
  • CompassLDE supports enterprise MRM systems for 1,000s of vehicles, handhelds, and high-value assets, as well as the smaller system and we, provide an affordable plan for all needs


  • Provides a single source application that can maintain and manage all your Mobile Resource from on location and application
  • Is written with the most current Technologies on today’s market including HTML5, Java Scripting, Hardward multithreading, leveraging MS Windows .net 4.x asp scripting, etc.
  • Supports SQL and Oracle database accessible by your administrator to control the amount of history data stored
  • Leverages your investment in ESRI ArcGIS server as an integrated data source
  • Experience real-time fleet tracking management with minimal system administration
  • Capable of working with multiple data carrier sources simultaneously, including common wireless carriers and two-way radio communication systems. Even when your fleet combines carrier sources CompassLDE can ingest any source signal
  • Supports two-way messaging transmission: mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-dispatch
  • Access position and event data (discrete inputs, such as lights on/off, siren on/off, snowplow down/up, airbag release, etc.) in standard non-proprietary databases
  • Ideal for small fleets yet able to handle Enterprise systems up to thousands of vehicle, radios and high-value assets
  • Ensure your AVL/MRM program will last for many years: CompassCom is dedicated to staying current with the ever-changing market place technical upgrades and will provide system updates to keep current through our maintenance program. CompassCom has designed CompassLDE to be flexible with the ability to migrate into future hardware and communication protocol developments
  • The CompassLDE platform is very customizable to your needs; Where it be On-Premise or Hosted SAS, whether it be Snowplows or RF radios, whether it be Our Viewer or yours, CompassLDE comes with open architecture, a standard API and web service delivery for a third-party client and browser-based development that can meet any solution you require


CompassLDE Communicates using:

  • Commercial Wireless Carriers
  • Two Way Radio
  • Satellite Communications
  • Wi-Fi


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology enables your workforce to use the best hardware and sensor technology in the field to meet your workflow requirements. Asset polling frequency can be set to your requirements from every second to minutes. Data is stored in an industry-standard database with open access to the administrator to support document retention plans. Rest, SOAP and Socket outputs support CompassCom, Motorola, Esri ArcGIS, Cityworks and 3rd party Apps. CompassLDE is installed on-premise behind your firewall or hosted as a web app to support enterprise MRM for 1,000s of vehicles, handheld devices, and high-value assets.

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