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Installation first responders are at the frontlines of all incidents that occur on base. Understanding where resources are and where to position them based on a threat is crucial to the safety of the installation and those living within its boundaries.


Location Services is a solution to gain better situational awareness of your resources in the field.

CompassCom is the most reliable and secure location solution, which allows you to integrate your ASTRO 25 communication system and APX devices into its interface.

Not only do you have the ability to track resources, but also communicate seamlessly for more unified operations.

Your day-to-day activities could turn into an installation emergency at any moment.

From a command and control perspective you can monitor, via GPS/Mapping location services (CompassTrac), where your security forces and fire units are located.

A streamlined operating picture gives you access to view multiple resources on dynamic maps, vehicle position, speed, heading, and status. While in their vehicle your units can easily and quickly report back to dispatch the status of a situation.


If a building within the installation catches fire, units are dispatched instantly via Motorola’s Force Protect platform.

CompassTrac then interfaces with Force Protect to provide location services via handheld subscribers, mobiles in vehicles, or smartphones.

Additionally, Force Protect offers integration to several existing Fire Station Alerting (FSA) vendors.

Compliment your dispatch services by alerting personnel inside the station, update electronic signage, and open station doors, to get your units rolling faster.

ASTRO 25 Dispatch, CompassTrac, CAD and FSA interfaces all into a single, intuitive work station.

Security Forces, Provost Marshal, Fire and Command Post personnel can use this single position solution to monitor not only resources via CompassCom, but also installation video feeds, sensors, and other data inputs via Force Protect.


Post incident you can determine the quality of response times and activity of your resources in the field by pulling reports.

CompassReports allows you to gain a better understanding on how your fleet operations are running.

You can access the mileage of your fleet, active/idle activity, speed of average vehicle, and average number of turns based on response.

This information is crucial to how responses can be improved in future incidents.

Ultimately, reports can be sent to high command via email, or automatically scheduled and sent based on customizable rules.

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Customer Challenges

+ Lack of mobile tracking of resources (Location Services)

+ Disparate systems with multiple control interfaces

+ Lack of real-time data inputs

+ Lack of mapping features

+ Lack of integration of communication systems and disparate intelligent/real-time data (ASTRO® P25)

+ Lack of dynamic incident action plans

Technology Enablers


 + GPS/Mobile Tracking (CompassTrac)

 + Connectivity with ASTRO 25; 3G /4G Cellular & Satellite

 + Use of existing DOD GIS data

 + Telemetry

 + Map Data

 + Reports (CompassReports)

 + Emergency Notification




Solutions Value Add

+ Improves information sharing – to allow command and control increased situational awareness

+ Increases resource effectiveness

+ Locate vehicles and people quicker

+ Integrates into legacy systems

+ Improves notifications to resources

+ Streamline operations

+ Faster response times

+ Instantly dispatch resources

+ Real-time information streamlined into command  and control

+ Secure and accurate information

+ Integration of ASTRO 25

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