Customers tend to see a return of at least five times their monthly recurring expense. What’s great about evaluating ROI of a fleet management solution is that many of the benefits are measurable and immediate. A fleet manager should expect to see immediate ROI when deploying a fleet management solution in the areas of fuel reduction, reducing speed violations, reduction in excessive idling, and unauthorize vehicle use and off route miles – Field Technologies Magazine

Public Works & Local Government

Leverage GIS Investment with Fleet and Resources Management Efficiencies

Leverage existing IT investments, such as Esri ArcGIS®, Cityworks®, Accela® Maximo®, or others – to allow AVL deployment without incurring capital costs for purchasing and maintaining additional servers and workstations. Learn More…

Public Safety

Empower Response and Interoperability to enable real-time command and control.

Planning for disaster includes knowing your interoperability and Common Operator Picture (COP) capability. Fleet management is a part of that, improving your public safety mobile assets communication (police, fire, ambulance, incident command structure)? Learn More…

National Government and Security

Accuracy and Excellence for Critical-Mission

Mobile asset location data, interoperable across multiple communication networks with a common operational picture connects Teams to enable the right response at the right place and right time. Learn More…


Leverage your investment in GIS to cut costs and ensure worker safety

It’s rare a utility company (Telecom, Electricity, Water & Wastewater, Gas) today that isn’t already paying for a GIS data set. The GIS database and mapping capabilities are crucial for effective management today. Learn More…


It’s Time for MRM & AVL in the Energy Industry

Increasing efficiency and safety for field operators, improving the bottom line by allowing better fuel usage. Ensure better personnel behavior on the job, meeting compliance standards (“green” initiatives) for better risk mitigation and lower insurance costs. Learn More…


No Matter The Size of Your Fleet – MRM & AVL Provides Fast ROI

Modal, Intermodal, Distribution Operations or Service representatives in the field: Then MRM & AVL is right for you. No matter how large or small your fleet may be, the money you save on fuel and personnel time can add up quickly. Learn More…

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