GPS Tracking platform for utilities will leverage your investment that reduces costs and ensure worker safety. The CompassTrac App displays the real-time location of field workers on the utility GIS map to enable reduced response times, enhanced operations, and lone worker safety. It provides field personnel with the precise location of pipelines, water mains, sewer systems, cables, and power lines, among other items.

CompassCom GPS Tracking platform utilities leverage Esri’s ArcGIS server data from the client, ArcGIS online, or other off the shelf mapping and imagery sources to build a solution that matches operational workflow. GPS Tracking for the utility to ensure lone worker safety, empower efficient operations and provide real data to support the resolution of outages, customer complaints, and staff issues. Leverage existing investments in Esri’s ArcGIS®, to allow GPS Tracking deployment without incurring capital costs for purchasing and maintaining additional servers and workstations.



GPS-Tracking-Platform-for-Utilities-ElectricGPS Tracking Platform for Utilities: Electric utility database plus mapping capabilities are crucial for effective management to provided field personnel with a precise location of cables and powerlines. Streamline common mapping workflows, support compliance, ensure employee safety, and customer satisfaction. Keep track of company vehicles and dispatch crews quickly and efficiently. Using mobile resource management (MRM) can also improve employee safety and decrease costs. MRM allows dispatchers to determine the most cost-effective routes and monitor idle times and unapproved stops.

CompassCom has been adopted by electrical energy fleets to deploy operations with more efficiency, safety, and accountability. CompassCom helps to reduce fuel costs and promote best practices for all field operations of the Electricity industry bringing complete visibility of the field resources mobilization and the real-time status.

Longstop verification, idle time first responders identification, hazardous and risky locations alerts, and Power Take-Off (PTO) area geographic intelligence are some of the results that CompassCom can bring to the Energy Industry, increasing the response time during outages and maintenance situations


gps-tracking-platform-utilities-telecommunicationGeographic Intelligence is now on days a key factor for the telecom industry. CompassCom brings several benefits to different departments. The first application is the management and tracking of the field operation where every single individual, assets, and even procedures can be monitored in real-time.

The personnel management is currently one of the biggest challenges, but through CompassCom, you can track laptops, radios, and smartphones, monitoring if the application of the resource is under the best practices, under risk, or even idling. Added to this rich layer of information, all vehicle associated with that part of the operation is tracked, allowing the management team to promote the optimization of the field procedure.

Additionally, considering the IoT devices, CompassCom brings to the Telecom professionals the Real-Time Knowledge Base of the Network Structure, integrating the network management systems, those can easily access their components, analyzing the network status and structure.


gps-tracking-platform-utilities-waterGPS Tracking Platform for Utilities: Water distribution and Sewer companies are improving their timesheet management.  CompassCom helps to plan, monitor, and track the field agents since the crew logistic and status are recorded online and all routes, jobs, and shifts are detailed documents.

Additionally, government agencies task the water utility companies across the city during different conditions like storms. Stormwater Fleet Vehicle Management must make a significant investment in vactor trucks and other equipment that should be protected. For stormwater and sewer management, it is important to ensure that all vacuum loaders, catch-basin & sewer cleaners, or hydro excavators are tracked and geo-fenced, for accountability and ROI. With CompassCom, the water and wastewater mapping database capabilities help with the geographic intelligence, crucial for emergence response and its effective management. It provides field personnel with the precise location of pipelines, water mains, sewer systems among other water-related items


gps-tracking-platform-utilities-gasThe Gas Companies have been reducing their fuel expenses significantly through the utilization of CompassCom. The annual mileage has dropped substantially with efficient dispatch and real-time location intelligence offered by CompassCom. Monitoring actual and accurate idle time, speeding, and route selection, and even unauthorized assets usage, the Gas company can definitively reduce the field operation cost, since individuals, fuel, and safety cost are reduced through the implementation of optimized procedures

CompassCom also helps the maintenance and expansion management across the gas network utilizing the IoT devices that CompassCom can bring for its AVL & MRM solution since the capability to have metrics and status of the network components promote the optimization of the field team and resources dispatching


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