National Government Security

Deploy CompassCom MRM/AVL at headquarters, and in the field for enhance situational awareness supported by Esri ArcGIS common operational picture. Support unified command structures to meet mission requirements. Secure deployments behind your firewall that meet your requirements for IT security and IA hardening available.

Government Fleet Management & AVL Integration Across Departments: Local • State • Federal

National Security Agencies need to track and manage end-to-end crew, fleet and procedures using a protected enterprise MRM & AVL tools granting an excellent workflow of their troop’s operations.

CompassCom promotes Rapid Response, delivering to the field and office team the most current information in map, team and resources status. Vehicles, Crews, Troops and any other resource is populated in the CompassTrac interface integrating and distributing the accurate position and condition of any field mobilization.

CompassAlerts and Reports permit to reduce or eliminate errors and improve the efficiency of the decision making in real time, establishing the best practices for repeatable procedures that ensure standardization and consistency across your operations.  Additionally, the capability of distributing the correct information for the correct management allows a collaborative command and control unity, accomplishing a high-performance situation room.

CompassCom MRM and AVL solution empowers the field operation, allowing to manage dispersed individuals, vehicles and resources across the field procedures in a critical mission.

CompassCom MRM/AVL support security and mission-critical operations supporting enhance command and control:

  • Military Force Protection
  • Defense Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines
  • Border Security DHS
  • Federal Facility Security NIST, NIH, DOE
  • Disaster Response FEMA
  • Wildland Fire

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