Cities, Counties, States and public companies spend millions every year on winter maintenance for roadways. Save money, lower de-icer material/chemical usage, avoid applying materials in environmentally sensitive areas and be responsive to your citizens through AVL & MRM  implementation for your snow fighting fleet.

One GIS centric MRM system to support your local government enterprise. Leverage your ArcGIS investment to support your workflow for each department.

Public Lights – Traffic Control – Water & Waste Water – Local Utilities Distribution – Waste Management – Public Health

MRM/AVL for departments to ensure lone worker safety, empower efficient operations and provide real data to support resolution of citizen complaints and staff issues. Data supports Smart City initiatives leveraging existing investments in Esri ArcGIS® mapping. Integration with CompassLDE Server API delivers real-time location and status data to 3rd party software solutions such as Cityworks®, Accela® Maximo®, Cartegraph, and CAD system.

Does your Public Works agency use GIS or Work Order Management software?
Leverage existing IT investments, such as Esri ArcGIS®, Cityworks®, Accela® Maximo®, or others, allowing AVL deployment without incurring capital costs for purchasing and maintaining additional servers and workstations.

Do the many departments within your Public Works agency require true interoperability?
CompassCom solutions are “network agnostic,” allowing users to select their communications carrier of choice, including wireless (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc); 2-way radio networks such as Motorola’s ASTRO®. In fact, CompassCom can work with a variety of communications inputs simultaneously, providing a seamless stream of data for your real-time viewing, historical replay, measurement and reporting.

See our White Paper on Interoperability

Is Reporting important to you for Measurement and to prove ROI?
CompassReports provides automatic compiling of standard queries for useful, standardized reporting on the fleet management categories that boil down to ROI – including idle time, turn reports, geofencing and others. Customized reports can also be setup,  providing accurate reports in minutes.

Do you have a public-facing website?
Provide your citizens with the data that makes them happy: where are the snowplows? Where have the mosquito-spray trucks been? CompassCom can set up a slightly-delayed viewer to tie to your community website.

Case Studies

AVL for Public Works

For members of the APWA, or American Public Works Association, automatic vehicle location (AVL) is an invaluable tool that improves efficiency, ROI and effectiveness. Though public works operations have been using GPS for more than a decade, AVL has been underused largely due to the size of the investment and the resources needed to set up and maintain in-house systems.

With the emergence of web-based AVL solutions, however, GPS vehicle tracking is now within reach for smaller public works organizations, even those with limited resources.

As an alternative to traditional systems, web-based GPS and AVL systems are easier and more affordable to deploy, and they offer round the clock access to data in real-time from any PC. As a result, they can provide information to a wider base of authorized users.

For the public works sector, AVL is a powerful risk management tool. For many organizations, the reporting requirements in the event of an accident or dispute are difficult to manage. AVL systems automatically collect important data and fleet activity that can greatly reduce the burden of driver documentation. AVL and GPS services are invaluable tools when it comes to recording evidence for claims and proving adherence to the law as well as company standards and policies.

Automatic vehicle location for public works is also extremely valuable in terms of increasing ROI and efficiency. Implementing a web-based GPS/AVL application leverages your current IT investments without incurring additional costs for purchasing and maintaining additional workstations and servers.

AVL makes it possible to access important fleet information in real-time, including speed, direction and location. This allows organizations to use more effective Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and to track mobile resources to ensure they are where they are supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there. In addition to improving efficiency, this also enhances safety and accountability for the whole company. This is in line with our goals of improving your companies efficiency, accountability, and safety.

In terms of boosting ROI, AVL provides information that can help public works organizations cut costs. Tracking allows you to see the exact routes taken by your fleet. With this information, you may be able to find more direct routes that will decrease fuel consumption.

For snow plows, AVL can also be used to track materials consumed, such as sand or de-icing chemicals. This valuable data can help you find areas where you may be able to decrease your usage and cut down on costs.

Though once unattainable for many smaller organizations, web-based applications have made AVL accessible for even municipalities with smaller budgets. For members of the APWA, including repair trucks, snow plows, trash trucks and more, AVL is an invaluable tool that will improve safety and efficiency while helping your organization cut fuel and material costs.

At CompassCom, we provide solutions and support to help APWA members implement and effectively use AVL in their fleet vehicles.

AVL for Mosquito Control

Is your Public Works Department responsible for Mosquito control?

Many mucipalities with mosquito problems have begun tracking the mosquito populations in their GIS data sets. This aids in knowing where to spray and in measuring effectiveness of the program over years.

With Fleet Management incorporated into your mosquito control program, you can:
  • Track vehicle locations and insecticide spraying in real-time
  • Improve data capture to measure actual results
  • Incorporate better mosquito population tracking data into your GIS system – measure results year by year to continually improve the mitigation program
  • Prevent driver injuries and vehicle thefts
  • Control the spread of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus
  • Speed response time and allow real-time incident command and control, on and off-site
  • Information can be available to all authorized users in a variety of locations from any web-enabled device, including mobile devices, viewing a common operational picture
  • Information (stripped down and time-lagged as required) can be provided to the public for improved customer service

Consider – this is the CompassAVL portal available through the Saginaw County, MI, Road Commission for their snowplow fleet. The map shows the past 10 hours of information; when accessed during a snowstorm, citizens can zoom in to their specific streets and neighborhoods to follow the route of snowplows. The same kind of information available for our clients using mosquito sprayers (as well as street sweepers, etc.)

Stormwater Fleet Vehicle Management

Government agencies tasked with Stormwater Fleet Vehicle Management must make a significant investment in vactor trucks and other equipment that should be protected. For your storm water and sewer management, ensure that all vacuum loaders, catch-basin & sewer cleaners, or hydro excavators are tracked and geo-fenced, for accountability and ROI.

Include these vehicles in your overall AVL picture and supply the information to your citizens via CompassAVL™, to improve public communication and understanding of this major undertaking.

Snow and Ice Season: AVL & MRM Saves Money and Material Usage

Are your plows just dots on a map? With CompassCom you get real-time, replay and detailed after action reports for:

  • Plow Up/Down, Wing Up/Down
  • Spreader On/Off
  • Material Rates, Total Material Used
  • Liquid-Pre Wet’, Total Liquid-Pre Wet
  • Road Temperature, Air Temperature
  • Route and Geofence monitoring,
  • Driver behavior
  • Public View for Organization Website
  • Pot Hole and Road Damage Mapping
  • In vehicle display for road conditions and messaging

Flexible configuration:

  • Heavy Duty, 6×6 full telematics
  • Light Duty, Pick-up plow, and spreader on/off
  • Grader, Skid, Gator
  • Sweepers full telematics
  • Contractor support with portable telematics kits

How many spreader control hardware vendors do you have in the fleet? How many data sources are you evaluating to get you’re your answers? CompassCom integrates the major spreader manufacturers to provide:

  • One snow fighting Solution
  • One map display integrated with your GIS data with real-time and replay for the office and mobile devices in the field
  • One public facing web view embedded in your website for all assets
  • One reporting system for detailed analytics and decision making

Examples of spreader controller data offered off the shelf: Certified Power ACS, Cirus SSRX, Dickey John ICSMANN 2000, Compuspread, Parker, Epoke & Monroe.

Save Money

  • CompassTrac ensures every truck attachments is being used to peak efficiency with better route planning, driver training, and optimal material application.
  • Analytics from CompassReports can justify the short-term expense of hiring contract drivers.
  • Portable telematics kits let you monitor contract drivers who are not part of the full-time fleet. Manage and monitor routes, speed, materials usage, and regulate geo-fencing.
  • CompassCom supports all season maintenance and public works activity to save fleet cost year-round.

Improve Safety/Situation Awareness

  • Monitoring of the own or third-party fleets allows increased command and control across the board. The application can be shown in real-time or at the interval of your choice.
  • Keep your drivers safe in remote areas in bad weather. If an accident happens, you can know immediately and dispatch assistance to the exact location needed. CompassCom delivers the real-time GNSS location and status of each driver in your fleet, simultaneously.

Lower Chemical/Materials Usage

  • CompassReports can tell you exactly where and how much chemicals materials are used on the roads before and after the weather conditions. This leads to better planning and more efficient use.
  • Geofence and monitor environmentally sensitive areas to reduce material usage and accountability for regulatory compliance
  • Put real-time viewing on your community website with CompassAVL
  • Citizens can see where the governments assets are, when they are coming to their neighborhoods, and can even track them with color-coded breadcrumbs. This gives a sense of empowerment and lowers the risk of damage claims after any weather and emergency situation.

Further leverage your GIS investment

  • Geographic areas that experience heavy weather conditions seasons have another way to leverage the expense already put into GIS datasets.
  • Configure your background maps in CompassTrac with plow routes, points of interest, infrastructure that meet the workflow of your organization. Incident management, with a Common Operational Picture

Mitigate Risk

  • The use of CompassCom by any organization can decrease the risk of litigation for frivolous claims. Use Replay and Reports to prove or disprove certain actions by drivers and review incidents.

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