Transportation & Asset Management

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CompassCom brings to the all logistic process a high-ended GPS Tracking platform, that supports data-driven decisions, bringing efficiencies and accuracy across all departments of your operation. From estimates, planning, mobilizing, dispatching and delivery, CompassCom promotes a knowledge base of records that helps to keep the continuous improvement of the location intelligence to the whole logistic framework. CompassCom delivers the real-time location of mobile assets on Esri’s ArcGIS base maps of transportation infrastructure to enhance operations and manage critical assets, empowering safe transport of people, goods and services.


Geofence Your Assets for Loss Prevention and Movement Coordination

High dollar, heavy assets like backhoes, trailers, shipping containers, haulers, hardware and tractors can be tempting targets. It’s a rare county where items like these haven’t ever been “misdirected” for a weekend of private work. Even in the most honest situations, it costs a lot to move some of this equipment around. Geofencing – ensuring that your assets are within the designated area where they belong, all the time, is a smart move.

Whether urban or rural, damage and loss can be a major cost for government entities. Geofencing with alerts can ensure that taxpayer property stays put and no one unauthorized or unskilled is using it.

CompassCom also provides notifications and message suggestions along with its real-time geo-fence alerts; i.e., “keep radio contact” or “police escort required” – so if a public utility worker, for instance, goes into a neighborhood that is pre-determined to be dangerous, dispatch will know immediately and be able to take the right action with appropriate reminders from the system.

CompassCom can provide AVL geofencing that includes vehicles in the reports and real-time and historical display. We can also work with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology that is not so complete but provides a regular “ping” from assets to your geofence monitor via satellite technology.

No matter the size of your fleet, CompassCom GPS Tracking provides fast ROI


  • Do you make deliveries?
  • Do you have service representatives in the field?

Then AVL is right for you. No matter how large or small your fleet may be, the money you save on fuel and personnel time can add up quickly.

Plan your routes in the most efficient way

+ Do you find your vehicles add up mileage while passing each other as they make deliveries? Route management can save time and money.

+ If your company uses a variety of vehicles such as vans, trucks, specialized vehicles, you can see in real-time, with a glance, where they are.

Ensure driver safety

+ Know where your field personnel are – if something goes wrong (traffic accident, attempted cargo theft or injury), you can know immediately and send emergency response fast to their exact location.

Consider the Cost

+ The price of a major asset such as a backhoe or driller can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Preventing the theft of a single item such as a $300,000 backhoe would pay for an entire fleet management program.

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