Great Mapps! Great Apps! Better Decisions!

The CompassCom Map Series will empower the disconnected solution allowing the end user to make informed decisions with a basemap and additional specialized layer tailored to their workflow. End users will enjoy the interoperability of mapping data, built custom, and displayed within CompassTrac.

On-Premise MRM with qualified and exclusive maps

The CompassCom Map Series is a visual representation of relevant data to be visualized behind a customer’s working layers and is designed with the customer’s organizational operations in mind.  The delivered solution may include road systems, terrain, land uses, point of interest, and a number of any other hundreds of layers sometimes specialized for a vertical market.

In a disconnected environment, the end user loses several capabilities that online architecture has for map services. In on-premise architectures, MRM and AVL solution lose all map intelligence important for the operation.

CompassCom brings to its disconnected solution, the Maps Series that is installed locally and is fully oriented and engaged on the mission of the application.


The Basic Version

  • Road Ways
  • Water Ways
  • Railways
  • Buildings Footprints
  • Land Use (15 Classes)
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Essential POIs (Public Works)

High-Resolution Imagery [From 1cm to 50cm resolution]

  • Satellite
  • Aerial
    • Plane
    • Drone


  • Surface Model
  • Terrain Model

Points of Interest

  • Food
  • Parking
  • Services & Commercial
  • Entertainment  & Sports
  • Educational
  • Health Care
  • Public Works
  • Military & Public Safety
  • And much more

Specialist Maps

  • Criminal
  • Defence & Intelligence
  • Preparedness
  • Human Geography
    • Cultural
    • Economic
    • Political
    • Educational

CompassCom Map Series is