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for CompassWorks

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  • Imagery
  • Streets
  • Charted
  • Topography
    • Terrain & Surface
    • Oceans
  • Artistic
  • Human Geography
  • Hybrids

CompassCom offers, for the online (SaaS) solution, 24 basemap layers of online thematic maps. Those layers are included in the CompassWork Platform and are part of an effective existing tool of the online CompassTrac Viewer.

Each of the 24 Basemaps may be considered for different operations or geographic level of management.

The selected Basemap works as a foundation layer to support your monitoring, tracking, and decision-making. And can be changed dynamically and easily where each selection will highlight different features like streets, water, buildings, terrain, boundaries, navigation, and other items.

A range of CompassCom tools may match better with certain basemaps, according to you requirements. Geofences definition, breadcrumb rules, alerts, and several other procedures may have the best overlay with specifics basemaps.

A basemap’s goal is to be an effective backdrop for your operation, providing geographic intelligence and critical reference information to enhance your management capabilities through CompassCom.

Besides those 24 standard basemap layers, CompassCom is deployed to receive any additional map service that your organization has under ESRI online format. Hundreds of online maps are available for immediate addition within your assets layers, improving, even more, the decision-making process. Real-time, statistical, historical, and several other thematic layers can easily be added to your CompassTrac interface, promoting a specialist view of your operation.

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