Plugin Tool for Cityworks

GPS Tracking to Empower Command & Control

CompassCom has created version 2.0 of the CompassCom Plugin Tool for Cityworks. It allows for the ability to view, display, and manage CompassCom vehicle information within Cityworks, as well as ingest vehicle Engine Diagnostic information to create advanced workflows within Cityworks

The CompassCom Plugin Tool for Cityworks creates a CompassCom menu in the Cityworks Office map interface. The following functionality is available in v 2.0 of the Cityworks plugin tool:

After logging into CompassCom Plugin Tool for Cityworks. Group permissions and configurations from CompassTrac are displayed in CompassCom Cityworks Tools Plug-in legend.
  • Display of real-time vehicle assets
  • Display of historical vehicle breadcrumb trail​
  • Pop-up asset information for real-time or historical icons​
  • Smart Search tool to find assets on the map quickly​
  • Asset Visibility Tool to fine-tune asset display
  • Replay Tool for historical playback of vehicle location information​

The CompassCom Plugin Tool for Cityworks version 2.0 also provides engine diagnostic information via an ESRI Map Service. This information can be ingested by Citywork’s APIs to create work orders using vehicle information such as: 

  • Odometer
  • Engine Hours
  • Check Engine Light
  • Oil Temp
  • Engine Temperature
  • More
CompassCom Plug-in Tool for Cityworks showing historical replay tool.


  • Public Works
  • Public Safety
  • DOT
  • Public Health
  • Solid Waste
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Refinery
  • Defense
  • Aviation


  • CompassWorks®-SaaS GPS Tracking App
  • CompassLDE®-Tracking/IoT Server
  • CompassTrac®-Viewer App
  • CompassReports®-On-The-Fly Analytics App
  • CompassRespond®-Mobile Tactical App
  • CompassTracker®-Smart Phone Tracking App


  • Training
  • Installation
  • Integration Support

Plugin Tool for Cityworks FAQs

Who is the functionality intended for?

Any user of Cityworks that wishes to ingest CompassCom vehicle asset location and engine diagnostic information in Cityworks.

What version of CityWorks and CompassTrac are required receive the current functionality?

  • Currently Cityworks 15.4 ESRI JS 3.0 is supported
  • Cityworks and ESRI JS 4.0 will be supported in later 2020

Can both CompassCom hosted customers and those installed on-premise use the CompassCom Cityworks Plug-in? If so, what IT considerations need to be made?

To the end-user, the functionality in the CompassCom Plugin Tool for Cityworks is identical in both CompassTrac installation environments. In both environments, connectivity from the Cityworks viewer to the CompassCom LDE is required.  Therefore CompassCom customers hosted or on-premise need to keep in mind connectivity and network considerations.

What licensing needs to be considered?

When a user logs into the CompassCom Plugin Tool for Cityworks a connection is made to the CompassTrac LDE that will require a CompassTrac concurrent viewer license. This works the same as the CompassTrac map viewer and max number of concurrent users for CompassTrac and the Cityworks connector should be considered.

Where is the CompassCom Plugin Tool for Cityworks installed and what resources are required to complete the installation?

The plug-in is installed on the Cityworks server.  The install is a few files that get copied into the install directory of the Citywork’s Office Application site. CompassCom will work with the customer to complete this process.