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CompassCom For Integrators Is The Most Flexible Platform and Apps for GPS Tracking

CompassCom offers the industry’s most flexible platform and apps for GPS tracking development, deployment of real-time data and mobile IoT.

CompassCom for Integrator is for developers, power users of ArcGIS, and integrators of 3rd party software looking to add real-time mobile asset data, CompassCom has a platform, apps, and telematics bundles to support your efforts to build application-specific GPS tracking solution. We can provide in-vehicle hardware bundles, hardware installation, wireless data plans, CompassLDE server with API, CompassTrac Viewer, CompassReports, and connector to Esri GeoEvent. Pick and choose the components of a custom GPS Tracking solution designed for your application.

CompassCom for Integrator Key Features

  • Asset hardware bundles
  • Asset wireless plans
  • CompassLDE MRM server

CompassCom for Integrators Benefits

CompassCom for Integrators can configure the GPS Tracking platform to support their organizations’ requirements by choosing and configuring CompassLDE Serve and Apps on-premise or in the cloud to meet the specific needs of their users. CompassCom can provide integration support to provide the asset hardware suites, installation, and wireless plan best suited to the requirements. Systems engineers can leverage the CompassCom OpenAPI to integrate mobile asset location and status with a 3rd party software product such as Esri GeoEvent Server, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Asset Management, Human Resource, and ERP solutions. The flexibility of the CompassCom platform empowers integrators to build the solutions best suited to the users’ operational requirements.



Is the Mapping and Monitoring user interface that can be on-premise or online (CompassWorks). CompassTrac Viewer supports desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones.

  • Ingrates directly to ArcGIS server
  • ArcGIS Online support
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Replay
  • Alerts
  • Geofencing
  • Google Street View support
  • WAZE support
  • Supports commercial wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.).
  • In vehicle and handhelds mobile radio, LMR, LTE (Motorola®).
  • Satellite communications (Iridium).
  • Intakes data from most any GNSS enabled devices. (BYOD).
  • Supports two-way messaging transmission: mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-dispatch.


CompassWorks is the name given for the SaaS GPS Tracking platform, where users can log in from smartphones, tablets or computers via the web browser to access apps & maps configured to meet your workflow. With CompassWorks, the end-user does not need to invest in any local deployment and works 100% through an online process, accessing the CompassTrac interface.


  • Web-based viewer support access from almost any device
  • Displays asset position, speed, heading, and status
  • User definable dashboard for KPIs that are meaningful to operations
  • Locates addresses and define geofences on-the-fly
  • Places map pins at user-defined locations (911 caller’s, job sites, incidents, etc.)
  • Provides visible or audible alerts, based on discrete inputs
  • Replays one vehicle, a group of vehicles or the entire fleet activity from user-defined date and time
  • Commercially available maps and customer ArcGIS data support background maps
  • Displays incident location and status
  • Supports two-way text messaging

The core of the CompassCom MRM platform delivered, installed and configured to meet the requirements of the customer. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology enables your workforce to use the best hardware and IoT technology in the field to meet your workflow requirements.

CompassCom cloud PaaS delivers the full functionality of CompassLDE from the Cloud with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology. Mobile devices report to a secure platform in a Managed Cloud or Private Cloud-enabling connectivity via our web service API. IT professionals get to tailor their environments to deploy and update the software on their own terms. LDEStream cloud PaaS helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation with real-time location and IoT data.

CompassReports enables a higher level of command and control through on-the-fly analytics and past-performance reporting of your mobile workforce. Analytics enable after-action planning and data to support decisions to improve efficiency and safety. Reports and analytics to support decision making and after-action plans. Reports on individual assets, groups or the entire enterprise. Report time and filters are defined by the user.

  • Mileage: Reports mileage driven by selected vehicles or vehicle groups. The report can be filtered for specific IoT inputs (e.g. miles with sirens on or off, miles with plow down).

  • Speed: Reports average and max speed, duration, and location for instances where speed surpassed a preset speed for a certain vehicle or vehicle group. The report can be filtered for specific IoT inputs (e.g. sirens off or on) or for a specific Street Name.

  • Job/Stop/Idle: Used to determine stop or idle events. Duration and speed are used for the calculations. Running this report with an “Ign On” will produce an idle report.

  • Geofence: Know when a vehicle moved in and out of a user-defined geofence. Determine time spent in a buffered area around a point, a route or even the city. Determine asset utilization for job locations or features.

  • Inputs: Used to determine miles and duration of IoT input events, such as lights on/off, plow up/down, broom up/down or any other IoT inputs that may be wired on the mobile asset.


  • Turn: Used to determine the number of left vs safer right turns.

  • Activity: This report is useful to ensure that all the wireless GNSS and IoT devices are operational.

  • Snow: Used to summarize material usage, material type, and temperature averages for snow events. When and where materials are applied.

  • Schedule Reports: Allows you to schedule reports to run and be sent to email for any of the above reports.

  • Custom Reports Available


Real-time alerts where and when user-defined action occurred.


  • Speeding, geofence, check engine or other IoT status alarms sent to the CompassTrac viewer.
  • Configure the appropriate user to receive SMS text message or email to their mobile device or desktop.
  • Alerts are archived for after-action reporting and analysis.
  • Real-time alerts allow enhanced command and control.
  • Prevent expensive repairs on vehicles by having the driver take appropriate action.
  • Identify potential problems and respond before things get out of control.
  • The digital message of status is more efficient than making a call.
  • Alerts can recognize hot spots and trends in the field as things happen.
  • Your customized alert can be added

Is the CompassCom Mobile Application that changes your operational intelligence.

The CompassTracker App enables organizations using the CompassCom MRM solution to track their field personnel in real-time within the same Esri ArcGIS environment where they track vehicles, IoT sensors, and other high-value assets.

The new CompassTracker App significantly enhance the safety and efficiency of field personnel carrying their smartphones. The App is available for use on all Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices.

With the CompassTracker App, organizations can leverage many of the analytic functions within the CompassCom MRM system to enhance the performance and accountability of their field crews. By monitoring the movement of people, vehicles and other assets, organizations improve their overall operational efficiency as well as personnel productivity.

CompassTracker also enables organizations to enact a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy which saves money by allowing them to track personnel on the smartphones they already carry instead of buying mobile devices and additional data plans for them.

Input Adaptors

  • CalAmp
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Cradle Point
  • Motorola P25 ASTRO
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO
  • CompassTracker mobile device app
  • Custom device adaptors available
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
Output Connectors


  • Esri GeoEvent Connector
  • TAIP
  • Esri Online
  • CompassCom Open API
  • Custom available


Systems architects can select from a suite of existing apps to combine with your custom development to deliver the complete MRM solutions to support your users. CompassCom make available its own mobile viewer App called CompassTrac Viewer.

CompassTrac Viewer

CompassTrac App empowered by Esri® ArcGIS technology displays the location and status of vehicles, handsets, sensors or other high value assets in real time, using your background maps tailored to meet your workflow requirements. The CompassTrac App is a flexible solution that can be configured to meet your workflow requirements without turning your organization upside down.


Formats, Protocols & Standards

  • LMU
  • IMW
  • UNS
  • MotoTrbo
  • RAP
  • NMEA
  • Binary LRRP
  • ParlayX
  • SnowOps
  • TAIP
  • CompassTrac
    • Mobile
    • Mobile LE
  • DeLorme
  • Legacy Parser

Esri Geo Event Connector

CompassCom has released the CompassLDE® Connector to the Esri® ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor available in ArcGIS 10.2 or newer versions.  Available since March 2014, GeoEvent Processor users will be able to integrate with the CompassLDE® Server to provide a plug and play solution with most any wireless communications networks, and multiple hardware devices. Once connected, users will be able to leverage the Esri GeoEvent processor’s real-time GIS capabilities while using CompassCom’s proven AVL suite of reporting and viewer software, to provide the best of breed solution.

CompassCom provides industry-standard hardware from providers like CalAmp®, Sierra Wireless®, Motorola® and Trimble® delivered with a choice of wireless service providers, to support a real-time solution. CompassCom offers vehicle installation and integration support services to ensure quick and successful integration to the Esri GeoEvent Processor. CompassAVL® not only tracks asset location, speed, and heading. But also discrete data events such as snowplow blade up or down, emergency lights on or off, or a street sweeper’s broom on or off. CompassCom also integrates with onboard vehicle diagnostic equipment, multiple road material spreader manufacturers for snow removal, private radio systems, smartphones, and handheld GPS units.

Existing CompassLDE® and GeoEvent Processor users can download the connector via the Esri GeoEvent Processor Gallery, at no charge and immediately develop real-time applications. New customers receive the CompassAVL® bundle directly from CompassCom. This includes the CompassLDE® connector, CompassAVL® viewer, installations scripts, and a GeoEvent Processor configuration file. Configuration between the CompassLDE® connector and the Esri ArcGIS GeoEvent processor is accomplished entirely within the GeoEvent Processor configuration interface. This is documented in both the CompassCom and Esri documentation. CompassCom will provide new customers the vehicle hardware, installation, wireless service, and CompassLDE® server software to seamlessly integrate into the GeoEvent Processor. Once connected GeoEvent Processor users are able to leverage CompassCom’s real-time AVL expertise. The GeoEvent Processor provides the means to filter, and query live mobile asset data and output to various formats.

Out of the box, users will be able to display real-time information from the GeoEvent Processor via REST services directly into the CompassAVL® viewer. The viewer is developed with the EsriArcGIS API for JavaScript and is fully customizable. Also included with the CompassLDE® Connector is a 30 day free trial of the CompassTrac® Viewer, which has additional functionality not included in the CompassAVL® viewer. As well as a trial to CompassReports® which is CompassCom’s AVL data reporting product.

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