CompassIoT (Internet of Things) – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring your own device telematics to support in-vehicle hardware, handheld devices and sensor connectivity for GPS Tracking and Mobile Workforce systems.

Mobile IoT has been a core of the CompassCom solution, adding intelligence to your mobile assets.  Sensor data delivered with mobile asset location empowers real-time decisions. Shotgun release, light/siren on, plow up/down, broom up/down, PTO on/off, snow fighting spreader data, road/air temperature, driver key fob are examples of CompassCom deployments. Bring Your Own Device to CompassCom to empower actional intelligence.


CompassIoT Benefits

  • Bring your own device to the CompassCom platform to provide actional intelligence
  • Off the shelf support for industry-leading wireless devices
  • Mobile IoT support for sensor data in real-time and replay to support decision making

CompassIoT Features

  • Asset hardware bundles
  • Asset wireless plans
  • Support of On/off sensors for plow up/down, broom on/off, light and siren on/off, arm up and down for solid waste are a few examples
  • RFID
  • Road and Air Temperature Sensors
  • Snow-fighting Spreader Controllers
  • Others upon request

CompassCom and Motorola Solutions leverages a strong and valuable partnership, where the main radios series are integrated with CompassCom architecture and easily deployed together in a modern GPS tracking solution.

CompassCom is the official Motorola’s Mobile Resource Management (MRM) Worldwide Solution.

CompassCom is already integrated with a large set of sensors : extensive I/O, Proximity Sensors, Plow Up/Down, Sweeper Broom Up/Down, Weapon Release, Lights And Siren On, PTO On/Off, Door Open/Closed.

Low-cost vehicle hardware, wireless and installation bundles are available to match the equipment to your workflow to ensure the best solution available at the lowest cost.

  • Winter Maintenance Spreader Controllers
  • Wireless Connectors
  • Tracking Devices for Trailers, Generators, And Air Compressors
  • Snow-Fighting Spreader Controllers
  • Road and Air Temperature Sensors
  • RFID
  • Weed and Mosquito Spray Actuators
  • And Much More

Bring your own device and CompassCom team will integrate with our GPS Tracking platform and provide you full command and control of your operation.

  • Logistic & Transportation
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Environmental
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resources

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