CompassWorks is a SaaS GPS Tracking Platform Leveraging ArcGIS

Login from smartphones, tablets or computers via a web browser to access apps and maps configured to meet your workflow.  Manage your people, vehicles and high-value assets with a managed cloud service. CompassWorks increases business agility, lowers startup costs, and reduces reliance on internal IT resources. CompassWorks SaaS GPS Tracking platform leverages the power of ArcGIS.

  • Managed Cloud

CompassWorks is a SaaS GPS Tracking platform that reduces costs, increases security and enhances the availability of fleet management. Our SaaS solution will definitively support your enterprise requirements. CompassWorks is configured to utilize your ArcGIS data to support workflows for individual users and multiple departments.


  • Private Cloud

Important for organizations that need a dedicated and private cloud ensuring security and control, CompassWorks is the best solution to support your enterprise requirements. With our SaaS GPS Tracking Platform, organizations can configure solutions to utilize your ArcGIS data to support workflows for individual users and multiple departments to enhance command and control.


  • CompassWorks Viewer supports desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones
  • ArcGIS map support
  • ArcGIS Online support
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Replay
  • Alerts
  • Geofencing
  • CompassReports
  • Google Street View support
  • WAZE support (optional)



  • Lower start up cost
  • Eliminates the dependency on internal IT department staff and resources
  • Secure managed cloud service
  • Increases command and control
  • Monitors employee and contractor performance
  • Increases fleet efficiency and reduces costs
  • Dispatching of vehicles to the job and/or incidents based on their true location and status
  • Increases driver safety
  • Reduces response times
  • Utilizes current investment in ArcGIS data

Online Maps

CompassWorks integrates several online Basemaps provided through its CompassTrac online interface. This facilitates all operational procedures with world-class geographic intelligence technology. CompassCom is oriented to provide the best GPS tracking experience. Learn More

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