CompassCom recognizes that fleet tracking rollout varies based on the location of installation, the complexity of installation, the variation of vehicle, number of devices and time-of-day expectations for the installation. It is common for installations to occur after-hours or over the weekend to ensure no disruption of your business. CompassCom takes a staggered approach and installs on vehicles and assets that aren’t currently being used.

When we have completed the pilot phase, it’s time for the actual installation. The installation phase is the point where we create the rollout schedule and gather any additional data needed. We provide the appropriate devices and ship the product to the installation sites. Our certified installers, with a wealth of experience, install the equipment and the software to ensure the devices are reporting back to your GPS fleet tracking system and all the assets are tracking correctly.

The CompassCom Team provides support for the complete solution:

  • Equipment acquisition
  • In-vehicle equipment installation
  • Wireless device activation
  • ArcGIS server installation
  • ArcGIS map configuration
  • IT services to support the installation
  • Training for administrators and users

If you need map enhancements to support your mission CompassCom can provide enhanced map data for streets, addressing, POI, building footprints, parcels, imagery, Google Street View, weather, WAZE data integration.


The first step is to gather requirements to develop a statement of work that CompassCom and the customer agree upon. Our wide range of experience working with many different companies in the last 25 years makes us an industry expert in GPS Fleet Tracking System installation and implementation.

The CompassCom implementation team provides a professional service. Our GPS fleet tracking system implementation and installation procedures are one of the best in the industry. We understand that no business is the same, and different logistical issues arise with each implementation.

Teaming with you

Do You Know What Kind of Information You Want to Track?

Our hardware and software system can provide endless amounts of data, which can be a drawback if you don’t know what information you want. It’s important to know your goals, whether it’s fuel savings or safety, so you don’t purchase a system giving you reports you won’t use.

Compare Systems

Check out which program matches your company’s needs and is the most cost-effective for your budget. Trying to rework your fleet to fit the system you purchased is much harder than finding a system that most closely fits your needs.

Poor program selection occurs when a company does not really understand what it is trying to accomplish. This is made worse when the company does not really understand what a fleet management system can do.

Help Employees Embrace Change

Employees can feel uneasy about GPS Fleet Tracking System. The systems are designed to help your employees and to make the roads safer by making them more diligent drivers. Basic education and approaching this culture change with transparency will result in more buy-in.


Investing in Implementation of GPS Fleet Tracking System can be expensive and does need some time investment in first learning the system. Define your goals, set expectations, and research how the software will help you. Don’t invest until you plan a time and financial budget to make it happen.

Pilot Testing Your System

Testing your system is a great way to make sure that it’s working within your fleet and that your employees are learning how to properly use the software. A pilot test will make sure everything is running smoothly.

Strategic Location Implementation.

If your company is in several locations, consider implementing the system location-by-location rather than having one or two vehicles at each facility. That way, you’ll have every vehicle in the vicinity properly equipped and you’ll be able to gauge your data against those locations without the system.


CompassCom certified installers, install the hardware in your vehicles and the new software on your computer in your data center. We do the actual work to wire the vehicles and install the equipment and software, or, we provide installation training to the customers’ staff working on the fleet. We configure mobile devicesProviding configuration software integration on the devices per customer needs and, set up the servers and databases.

We work with customers’ internal IT resources to make sure the architecture works well with the specific needs of the enterprise.

We set up the GIS and maps infrastructure, for instance, Esri ArcGIS, to ensure the layers are coordinated and seamless.

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