CompassCom’s Fleet Management Consulting team provides professional expert advice to help you determine what is best for your fleet vehicles. We work with clients throughout the U.S. as well as around the world.

 Our System Design services are done by our team of professionals, along with our outstanding software and hardware selections is among the best. In addition, our consultant teams always promote safety, efficiency, and accountability. CompassCom is a leader in providing GPS fleet management software and hardware. Our Fleet Management Consulting team provides solutions to government, public safety, construction, education, utility, telecommunication, transportation, commercial, and corporate sectors in the U.S. We help you to determine the proper software and hardware solutions for your situation.

Our experts specialize in working with complex fleets and all our analyses are specific to the client’s parameters and needs. Based in the South Denver area, we provide consulting, training, hosting, installation, and other services that help our clients achieve their goals. Our Fleet Management Consulting team brings specific plans to grow your business. Our purpose is to fulfill all your business needs by providing a wealth of data.



  • CompassCom provides professional services for the design, implementation, training, and hosting.
  • We have been in the GIS business for 25 years providing a wealth of experience.
  • CompassCom will audit your business and advise you about the most efficient way to go.
  • We have the expertise to ensure that your fleet vehicles do the job according to your expectation.
  • Our Fleet management software and hardware are the best in the industry.

Our Team Comprised of Five Experts

Our Fleet Management Consulting team are tenured fleet professionals, trained in various consultation and project management methodologies with our extensive resources at their disposal. Comprised of five individuals from the U.S. with experience within the automotive, fleet industries and with diverse educational backgrounds, our experts can help you identify ways to run your fleet more efficiently and with a lower total cost of ownership.

We have the expertise and the technology to ensure your fleet vehicles do the job right, so that the driver productivity stays high, and vehicle costs stay low. And when your needs change, our vehicle experts are there to help you adapt your fleet every step of the way, providing excellence in geographic intelligence for your operation.

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