CompassCom provides GPS Tracking Fleet Management training and support to all clients. As a result, the training empowers clients and improves safety. Customers are provided with different software and hardware solutions according to their specific needs.

In addition, CompassCom provides customers with Esri based software solutions and the Internet of Things (IoT) integration. Custom GPS Tracking Fleet Management training is tailored to your company’s needs and workflows for the end-users.

Because of this, the GPS Tracking Fleet Management training is designed for drivers, dispatchers, and fleet managers, supervisors, safety managers, and fleet maintenance staff. Furthermore, we offer administration training for IT managers, IT staff, IT security, GIS managers, and the systems administrators, as well as “train the trainer” sessions.

Training options include:

  • On-site
  • Web-based training
  • Webinars
  • Training videos

Technical support

It is available for standard operations from Custom support options for mission-critical operations are available 24/7 as an additional service.


When the client chooses the “CompassTrac Enterprise” on-premise software option, the administrator receives special training. When the SaaS is selected, the administrator is trained on CompassWorks.

We provide hands-on training for Internet IoT installations including wireless modems and sensors for vehicles and mobile assets.

GPS Tracking Fleet Management Training is designed to inform and empower your organization to improve operational performance. As a result, the training optimizes vehicle used to increase your Return on Investment (ROI). Furthermore, using role-based methodology, CompassCom training focuses on a practical, real-world workflow that your employees will encounter on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The training provided is specific to the software solution you purchase.

GPS Tracking Fleet Management Training Features

  1. Free web-based GPS Tracking Fleet Management
  2. Free Tech-Support for clients that complete training while under maintenance or subscription agreement
  3. Onsite classroom training on how to use our software and IoT (Internet of Things) hardware
  4. Training and software integration on the devices per customer workflow
  5. IoT hardware installation training to the customers’ fleet maintenance staff
  6. Administration training for system configuration and maintenance
  7. Training for GIS staff for seamless integration and maintenance of the CompassCom Esri based software, focusing on the process of change and delivery of data layers based on the user’s workflow
  8. The training will allow the end user to understand how to use the software to its best advantage.

Training Benefits


+ Gain proficiency using CompassCom’s software to automate the time consuming operational tasks

+ Immediate ROI thorough understanding of GIS based fleet management and historical reporting apps

+ Administrators receive hands-on experience learning how to quickly set up, manage and support your user community

+ Knowledgeable staff trained to implement defined processes, produce continuous improvement and operational excellence

Fleet management software training includes:

  • CompassWorksend-user and administration of SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution
  • CompassTrac Enterprise: end user and administration of on premise solution
  • CompassCom for Developers, CompassLDE Server Application Programming Interface (API) integration and support for 3rd party software integration, Esri GeoEvent Server integration, support for CompassCom App integration
  • CompassIoT: hardware selection, configuration, integration and support for CompassCom’s solution

Our GPS Tracking software is equipped to achieve goals, including increased mobile workers’ productivity, improved customer service and reduced operational costs.

Learn more about the Training Options

+ Digital Manual: CompassCom user manuals are available by launching the software tool bar anytime to review functionality

+ On-line Video Training: Pre-recorded video clips walk user through the process of using the software in day to day activities and are available to CompassCom clients anytime to learn or update capability to meet operational requirements

+ Web Training: Live on-demand classes via a remote instructor for new clients or to update training for existing clients

+ On-Site Training: Instructor-led on-site user training for groups ranging from 4-12 people, held at the customer’s location. For groups over 12, two classes can be held per day. Please contact us for more information.

24/7 Support

CompassCom provides 24/7 support. CompassCom team is committed to the critical mission our customers handle and put a high qualified and specialist team to support our customer’s operations all over the world.

Learn More About Our Training and Support