What's new in CompassTrac 7.5.1?

Track your mobile asset for as little as $1 per day!

New features and product enhancements

New Features Include:
• Alerts
• Scheduled Reports (option)
• Geofences
• Geocoding (option)
• User-based preferences
• Spanish (option)
• TAIP connector (option)
• Cityworks plugin (option)
• Waze Integration

Enhancements Include:
• Reporting accuracies
• Reporting performance
• Database size extensions
• Increase ESRI map refresh
• Admin user interface

View mobile assets in this browser-based map display that leverages ArcGIS data in a Common Operational Picture to empower decision making. Out of the box, features enable multiple work-flows to provide full situational awareness. Asset replay supports the after-action review for accountability.


  • Tracks mobile assets on commercially available digital maps or the customer’s GIS data
  • Displays mobile assets positions, speed, heading, and status
  • Locates addresses
  • Places map pins at user-definable locations (911 callers, job sites, incidents, road closures, etc.)
  • Provides map zoom and pan capabilities
  • Provides visible and audible alarm based on discrete inputs
  • Supports geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Replays mobile asset activity from user-defined date and time
  • Uses industry-standard ArcGIS map data
  • Displays incident location and status
  • Supports two-way text messaging and status
  • Comes with an integrated reporting module
  • Display satellite and aerial imagery in compressed & uncompressed formats
  • Mobile version of the application also available


  • Increases command and control
  • Monitors employee or contractor performance
  • Increases mobile asset efficiency and reduces the cost
  • Allows dispatching of vehicles to jobs and/or incidents based on their true location and status
  • Increases driver safely
  • Reduces response time
  • Utilizes current investment in ArcGIS
  • Provides affirmation support for training exercises
  • Interoperability with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support