Officers, vehicles and high-value assets are tracked via Motorola P25 ASTRO, broadband and LTE wireless networks on the same system simultaneously to provide full interoperability. CompassTrac Viewer leverages the Esri ArcGIS platform to provide a common operational picture to support enhance command and control. Panic alert for officer safety, improve response times, replay and reporting for after-action review. Deploy on-premise or via a secure managed cloud when security is paramount. Learn About our Alliance with Motorola.

CompassCom GPS Tracking platform allows you to:

  • Monitor performance and safety while dispatching to jobs based on the exact location
  • Link and view Computer-Aided Design drawings, floor plans, images to your existing GIS
  • Speed response time and allow real-time incident command and control, on and off-site
  • Information can be available to all authorized users in a variety of locations from any web-enabled device, including mobile devices, viewing a common operational picture
  • Information (stripped down and time-lagged as required) can be provided to the public for improved customer service.

Real-time situational awareness and safety are paramount, you need CompassRespond®. If there is no or limited land mobile radio coverage or cellular service available, the solution is to bring your GPS tracking system with you.

CompassCom is
Precision, Excellence, and Real-Time.
CompassCom is Operational Intelligence

Incident Command: Stay in control even in disaster situations.

Because CompassCom works seamlessly with both wireless carriers and Motorola ASTRO® 2-way radio networks, in the case of a disaster that might take out wireless, the 2-way radio connection to command and control dispatch and real-time viewing will not be affected.


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